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  • Works in and out of the Classroom

    Innovakids LMS creates the most comprehensive set of classroom tools to equip teachers with personalized learning functionality to improve education outcomes for all students. Innovakids LMS works in the classroom, hybrid classroom and online learning with seemless transitions for students coming to the school or staying home. You teach the same curriculum in class that the students learn at home. If a student stays home they cover the same material and do the same work online that students complete in the classroom.


  • Collaboration is the Key

    Innovakids LMS provides communication tools to connect the teacher, parent and student. With it, teachers can collaborate on shared curriculum with their school staff as well as other teachers throughout the world. Content is created by teachers and shared. Innovakids is an engaging learning experience that can be delivered school-wide or district-wide, increasing overall equity and access. Innovakids also has a build in messaging and notification system thaat allows students and parents to communicate directly with their classroom teacher. (This includes multiple teachers in the Middle School High School Setting)

Classes Available

  • Our K12 School

    Our K12 School assigns a Certified K12 Teacher(s) to your student who monitor your child's progress and communicates with you weekly. Teachers meet with classes several times a week and presents material as the child follows along. The Curriculum is challenging and student paced. Students do not move on until they grasp the material and with the individualized learning approach, students lessons are assigned based on the student's need.

Personalized Learning Program

  • Individual Learning

    Personalized guidance: Each student receives an assessment-based Individualized Learning Plan that serves as their academic road map for the school year.

State Certified

  • Qualified Teachers and Socialization

    Teacher-led instruction: Our state-certified teachers tailor instruction to students' needs and track ongoing progress. Social opportunities: In-person field trips and extracurricular activities, plus online clubs, bring students together.
  • Missouri state law does not require general testing of nonpublic school students.

Missouri State Requlations

How It Works

  • Online Learning

    If you're a parent who wants to be involved in your student's learning, you may find K-12 Innovakids online schooling in Missouri is a good fit. As your student's "Learning Coach," you are included in Daily coursework that is done via computer through the Online School platform—where students work on lessons and attend their live, online classes. You are communicated through email and online access. Online Meets are available and recommended for Parents and Teachers Monthly to preview your child Progress.


  • Managing and Monitoring

    Administrators can access the progress of any student, class or group instantly online. If teachers are out sick, administrators can print out the lesson for the day and all resources needed. Worksheets, online notes, videos, quizzes are all in the online class.


  • Online School Repository of Content

    Teachers and administrators have an online repository of all Notes, lessons plans, activities, games, worksheets, videos relating to all the units taught. If a new teacher comes on board all the resources and lessons are in one place for the new staff.

Importing Lessons

  • Free World Wide Library of Lessons

    Our content is open source, meaning any lesson created, worksheet, link and activity is shared with other Innovakids teachers. You can search the library for resource and even complete units on all the major subjects and with one click import and assign that unit and all the lessons and resources into your class.

Games and Rewards

  • Motivating and Engaging

    Three forms of motivation are build in the system and tested in real classroom around the world. Students recieve points when completing lessons with 80% or above. These points count toward Belts just like Karate. As the student progress up the belts from White to Black they automatically unlock games and rewards. Students also recieve gold coins for achieving 100% on an quiz or exam. These coins can be exchanged in the online store for actual prizes that are sent to the student. Lastly, student are taught real world finances but being assigned jobs and tasks. These jobs,tasks lesson achievements pay the student a Innovakids Money that they use to buy game time, invest in the Innovakids stock market, purchase gold coins, or invest in businesses.


  • Google Hangouts and Zoom

    Students are assigned a Google Hangout room that they can link up with other kids in the class for socialization or to team work on Lessons. These rooms are also used for the teacher to meet with the class weekly to walk through the lessons and discuss the material.

Emails and Progress Reports

  • Instant Communication

    The great advantage of an online learning management system is it's ability to automatically grade lessons, assignments, homework and quizzes. After a student completes any activity the parent and teacher is notified in an email of the students grade and list of concepts that were not understood. Innovakids also emails parents weekly summary progress reports listing completed assignments and all lessons and assignments not completed by the due dates. The parents also have the option of logging in at any time from anywhere and viewing the students grade book that is constantly automatically updated with Lessons, Discussions, Exams, and homework as the student finishes.


  • Private Tutors are Available

    Innovakids allows for parents to schedule time with private tutors in specific subject areas or SAT/ACT Exam prep. Tutors are privately contracted and paid an hourly fee based on time by the parent. Tutors are vetted by the Innovakids staff to check for certifications and degrees.

Integrated Environment

  • Student goes to one Site only

    The Innovakids Learning system is an integrated system where the student only logs into All resources are embedded into the system, preventing the student, teacher, parent, administrator from having to go to one site for the gradebook, another for attendance, another site for lessons, youtube for videos, another site for games and email and submitting work. Learning takes place on one website with one login only. All books are also available as PDF online preventing students from carrying heavy books from school to home. Also all lessons have the ability to print the lesson out in a book format as PDF or directly to the printer.

Trusted and Secure

  • SSL Secure Encrypted Site

    The site is SSL Secure and protected and all information encrypted in a secure SQL Server database. No student, parent, teacher, school information is sold and no advertisements appear in the website. This site is free and funded by corporate sponsors and foundations. You will only be charged for hard copy book purchases and activity material.
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